How To Be The Best Bride Tribe!

A bride’s appointment to pick out her wedding dress is full of excitement, fun, and, in the best cases, happy tears (at least here at Beauty Within Bridal)! Many brides look forward to their bridal appointment and want their closest friends and family members to share in the festivities. We love when brides bring their little (or large) “tribes” with them to their appointments. It’s so sweet to see each bride, in their own way, feel supported, loved, and encouraged by their entourage.

We have all kinds of fun groups come in and out of our boutique and we enjoy meeting every single individual. Some brides prefer to come with just their mom or BFF and that is completely fine. In fact, Beauty Within Bridal Consultants, Destiny, AND myself (Hi! It’s Chris here!) both went wedding dress shopping with just our moms and we could not have had better experiences.

On the other hand, some brides do prefer to bring their entire crew of BFFs, moms, grandmas, sisters, brothers, and on and on. It’s always feels like a party when those large groups walk through the door and we love it! It is so fantastic to see a group of loved ones popping champagne, taking photos, and giving all the “oh”s and “ah”s to each dress the bride puts on - making her feel like a million bucks, no matter what dress she chooses.

However, whether you are apart of a big, excited entourage or you are flying solo as a supportive mother or friend -there are some ground rules EVERYONE should follow. While we aim to make every bridal appointment a magical experience, all our efforts can certainly be thwarted by a family member or friend who does not follow the bridal appointment entourage rules. You didn’t know there were such rules? Well, read on and prepare yourself to become the best member of your bride’s entourage.


Cleo in Mirror.JPG

This is the golden rule of being in a bridal entourage. Let’s say it again for the people in the back - remember, it’s her day!

I understand this point may seem obvious. However, almost 100% of all appointments-gone-wrong are due to a friend or family member that simply forgot this golden rule. It’s very disheartening to see members of the entourage trying to take the spotlight off the bride, share their unwanted opinions, or be anything but kind and encouraging to the bride.

To be fair, most friends or family members have no idea they are causing a problem or making the appointment difficult for the bride. So, like a good friend telling you that you have lipstick on your teeth, I will be good bridal consultant and tell you a few tricks that will keep you from the embarrassment of tripping into the bride’s spotlight:

  • Share your opinion sparingly. When sharing your opinion, be honest, but kind. There is no need to continually drive in a negative point. There is a kind way to say everything, so think before you speak.

  • Ask the bride questions about how she feels in a dress. (I will come back to this point.)

  • Do not ask to try on a dress yourself. You think I’m kidding but it happens.



This is really why you are here. There is no reason to overthink your role. It is not your responsibility to find the perfect dress, that is the bride’s decision. You simply get to kick back, relax, and help the bride have the best experience possible.

Here are a few ways you can make wedding dress shopping more fun for the bride:

  • Ensure the bride is fed. Shopping can be torture if you are hungry. Therefore, take the bride to a light lunch and bring little snacks with you, especially if you have multiple appointments in one day.

  • Take photos! We encourage the bride tribe to capture all the moments of a bridal appointment. Engagement season is a special time in a bride’s life and you should have photos of each memory you make! Photos can also be a great way for brides to compare dresses and make a decision.

  • Encourage the bride. Your bride may feel a bit self-conscious about being the center of attention, so be sure to give her lots of affirmation.

  • Pop the champagne! We offer champagne to all of our appointments because finding a wedding dress is certainly a special occasion worthy of a glass of bubbly! Make sure to raise a toast to the bride and celebrate with her when she says YES to her DRESS!


I mentioned this point briefly in a section above. Instead of sharing your own opinion right out of the dressing room, help the bride determine her own opinion of each dress by asking her questions such as:

  • “How do you feel in this dress?”

  • “Which dress did you feel most beautiful in?”

  • “What would you rate this dress on a scale of 1-10?”

  • “Could you see this dress at your venue / in your wedding day setting?”

  • “Does this dress make you feel comfortable?”

  • “How would you feel seeing this dress in your wedding photos?”

  • “Could you see yourself getting married in this dress?”


As long as you follow these rules, you and your bride are going to have the best bridal appointment ever! Take the pressure off and just enjoy the time with your best friend, daughter, sister, or whatever the bride may be to you. This is an exciting season and we hope that each bride and her tribe soak up every second of it!

If you are a bride and would like to bring your entourage to Beauty Within Bridal, you can make you appointment here! We look forward to helping you find your dream dress and popping the champagne with your bride tribe!

Here are a few of our real #BeautyWithinBrides and their entourages! We have been so blessed by each person that has come through our doors!