Nothing Wrong With Extra

You know what we think does not get enough love - WEDDING DRESS ACCESSORIES! We, of course, love wedding dresses by themselves. However, we believe it’s the simple details of a dress that set it apart and make it magical.

We have minimalistic brides come in all the time saying they do not want this or that. However, most of them are shocked to find that they love the simple touch of an accessory once it’s on. Brides often find, like we have, that there is nothing wrong with being a little extra when it comes to your wedding dress! The smallest addition can change the entire look of a dress, making it more unique to your style. We encourage the addition of accessories, so a bride can more accurately reflect the unique beauty that is within her.

Below are a few examples of our favorite little wedding dress additions:


We are obsessed with a good veil. We often wait until a bride thinks she has found her dress and then BAM! We put on a veil and out come the waterworks (all around- if you cry, we cry!). There is something about a veil that adds the perfect touch of bridal magic.

A veil is also a great way to highlight other aspects of your dress. If you have a gown with subtle sparkles throughout it, adding a veil with a crystal lining will simply draw out the sparkle of your dress and create a gorgeous glimmer as you walk down the aisle. We also love pairing a detailed cathedral veil with a simple dress, giving a regal but clean look.

There are countless options as to how a bride can use a veil to make her wedding day look more magical and unique. If you say you do not want a veil, we recommend trying one on just to be sure. You may fall in love with the look more than you think you will, most brides do.


For the bride that needs a little more sparkle, we always love to throw a belt on. Many brides can be skeptical of adding a belt to their dress, but many fall in love when they actually see it on them. So, like veils, you should give a belt a try even if you are unsure.

Belts can do wonders on all body types, accentuating the waistline and reinforcing a beautiful shape. On a more simple dress, a belt can be the perfect pop of glam. On the other hand, a belt can still beautifully pull together all the sparkle on an already glittery dress.  In short, if you feel like your dress is just missing a little something extra, try adding a belt before ruling the dress out.


Many brides are either dying to have sleeves or do not want any part of sleeves. Thus, we carry an entire collection of dresses by Sophia Tolli that can easily have sleeves added or removed to your preference. Sleeves can completely alter the look of a wedding dress, making it more unique to your style.

Full coverage sleeves are such an elegant addition to a dress. Being located in sunny Fernandina Beach, we rarely have winter wonderland weddings. However, for our local brides with destination weddings in the mountains, sleeves are a perfect touch to pull together a full winter princess look.

However, don’t worry, local Florida ladies, you can still have sleeves too. We have plenty of full coverage sleeves made of breathable material for that summer night wedding. Another option would be to have a thinner strap added to your gown, offering a bit of coverage for the bride that doesn’t want her chest and shoulders completely exposed in a strapless dress. If a bride doesn’t mind having her shoulders more exposed, but still would like a little extra something, off the shoulder sleeves create a very dreamy look as well.  

There are endless options as to how you can wear your veil, belt, or sleeves and make your wedding dress your own. Our advice - make an appointment and let’s try it all! You never know what you may fall in love with when you put it on. We would be honored to help you create a dress that seamlessly reflects the unique beauty within you!