Spotlight On - Edith Elan

This week is the start of our Edith Elan Trunk Show! This is Beauty Within’s very first trunk show and to say we are excited is an enormous understatement! We are thrilled to have Edith Elan’s elegant and charming dresses on our racks until August 11th. We are even MORE excited to have one of the Edith Elan designers, Lourdes, in the boutique with us on August 10th and 11th to help brides find their perfect dresses. If you have not booked your appointment yet, it’s not too late to do so! You can schedule yours here.

We have fallen in love with every. single. one. of Edith Elan’s gorgeous dresses. But we want to take this opportunity to highlight just a few specific dresses that will be in our boutique for the next few weeks.

The Faven

We think the Faven dress is absolutely to die for! It’s a true mermaid dress, with a plunging neckline, and details that take your breath away. The Faven is covered in subtle sparkles that beautifully capture light and command the attention of a room. This dress is a perfect infusion of elegant, unique, and modern.

The Tamarisk

The Tamarisk dress has a look that’s timeless, classy, and, at the same time, sexy. The high neckline and low back are a stunning combination. We are obsessed with every small detail of this dress. The winged, sparkle details on the shoulders and the jewel buttons lining the entire train are the simple touches that set this dress apart. The Tamarisk is begging to be worn by a high-class lady on her elegant dream day!

The Karli

The Karli is a halter top dress for the most sophisticated princess. It’s waist and bust is covered in a unique, floral lace as well as eye-catching jewels and pearls. This dress looks magnificent on many body types, as the concentration of sparkle creates a lovely, thin waistline. Also, this dress has pocket and who doesn’t love pockets?

We hope you enjoyed this little online showcase. To see more of Edith Elan’s stunning dresses, make an appointment before August 11th!